The Nissan LEAF purchasing group project grows to an unexpected magnitude!


August 10, 2016

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The Nissan LEAF purchasing group project grows to an unexpected magnitude!

Even the initiator of the purchase group is surprised at the how his project bloomed: at the time of writing the number of registrants now exceeds 3000! Inspired by a purchasing group in Colorado which included 248 buyers earlier this year, Mr. Bruno Marcoux – himself the owner of a Nissan LEAF since last year – invited people to group in July in order to negotiate a rebate. Registrations took off in a modest but encouraging way … Then, after an article on his project was published in La Presse when 90 people had “signed” the form, the response rate skyrocketed. The news was also broadcast in some high traffic web media and shares of the different articles escalated (see press review below). That’s how a viral movement is born!

This hype is even more impressive when you consider that 1233 Nissan LEAF were sold in Canada in 2015 (source: GreenCarReports).

Drivers enrolled in Branchez-Vous 2016 road tests expressed in a 84% proportion their interest in a plug-in vehicle for their next car purchase, which is confirmed through this purchasing group. There is still time to register (without formal commitment) … but the window of opportunity is closing because an offer will soon be made to registered buyers … Hurry up and share with your friends!

Here is the link to access the registration form to the group:

If you’re intrigued by this phenomenon, come visit the Electric Zone – hosted by Branchez-Vous – at the Super Auto Show on September 10th and 11th 2016 at the Circuit iCar in Mirabel to test plug-in vehicles and compare the different models available.

Brief press review of the Nissan LEAF purchasing group initiated by Bruno Marcoux (most articles are in French) :

In plug-in vehicles forums, other group initiatives are taking shape or being discussed for other models like the Kia Soul EV and the Chevrolet Volt.

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