The Branchez-Vous 2018 Brochure: To Choose A Plug-In Vehicle That Meets Your Needs


January 19, 2018

Article published on January 18, 2018 in the blog Branchez-Vous

The Branchez-Vous 2018 Brochure:
To Choose A Plug-In Vehicle That Meets Your Needs

SAINT-JÉRÔME, January 18, 2018 – Branchez-Vous begins the year with the launch of the 2018 edition of its annual brochure. The Innovative Vehicle Institute (IVI) wanted to make this third version of the Branchez-Vous brochure an accompanying tool that can help identify one or more plug-in vehicles that meet the needs of the reader. Produced with the support of the Gouvernement du Québec, the Branchez-Vous brochure proposes a four-step thought process around required functionalities, travel patterns, transportation costs and charging options.

A Wide Choice of Vehicles: 39 Models, 21 Brands, 9 Categories

Basic technical data for the 39 plug-in vehicles, spread across 9 different categories, currently offered in Quebec or planned this year under 21 brands are presented in the second half of the booklet. Plug-in hybrid or fully electric, small city car or sport utility vehicle, compact or sedan: a growing choice makes it possible for more and more motorists to consider going electric.


Branchez-Vous Indicators Help Compare

Two comparison indicators are proposed by the IVI: “Savings per 20,000 km” and “Price equivalency point”. Savings per 20,000 km represent the difference between energy and maintenance costs (brakes and oil changes) of the plug-in vehicle and those of a comparable gasoline model. The price equivalency point indicates the mileage at which the additional cost of acquisition of the plug-in vehicle will be canceled due to the savings on operating costs.

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First Distribution at The Montreal Auto Show

The printed version of the brochure is available this week at the Gouvernement du Québec booth at the Montreal Auto Show (January 19 to 28, 2018). Other distributions will be announced later. The Branchez-Vous brochure will of course be given to people participating in Branchez-Vous test drive events. The 2018 schedule is comprised of 6 events in as many cities.


  • Saint-Jérôme, April 27-28, 2018
  • Sherbrooke, May 11-12, 2018
  • Gatineau, May 25-26, 2018
  • Lévis, June 1-2, 2018
  • Drummondville, June 15-16, 2018
  • Montreal, July 6-7, 2018

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Branchez-Vous 2018 Partners

The Branchez-Vous 2018 brochure and events are made possible thanks to the esteemed collaboration of numerous partners including the Gouvernement du Québec, Hydro-Québec, Chevrolet, Nissan, ChargeHub and Association des véhicules électriques du Québec (AVÉQ). The IVI would like to thank these partners and those who will be added in the coming months. Their support allows Branchez-Vous to offer thousands of motorists in Quebec learning tools and activities to educate and raise awareness about electromobility.

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